Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I blogged on the Ingram case here. It's amazing the lengths to which football players will go to maintain their eligibility. It appears that David Ingram still could get a chance to play football this season, an administrative hearing officer with the Ohio Department of Education ruled yesterday. Ingram, a defensive tackle, sued the school district after he learned in August that he didn't pass an English class last spring. Ingram, who has a learning disability, saw his grade-point average drop under 1.0, which is the minimum required to participate in extracurricular activities. In the lawsuit, Ingram claimed that school officials failed to provide a tutor that the district makes available for special-needs students. In a separate attempt to restore his eligibility, Ingram filed an administrative complaint with the Ohio Department of Education requesting the school district provide Ingram "with services so that he can meet eligibility requirements to play this season." Yesterday, the administrator ruled that Ingram should be provided with a tutor. Of course, the school district could appeal, so the battle is not over. For more information on this case, click here.


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